dairy cow

Got Milk?

A better dairy barn, a better business.

Our barns are customizable to meet your livestock needs. Our dairy barns are designed to provide you with a structure that will maximize productivity and maintain a healthy environment for your animals. Our dairy barns, which are a much better option than a standard pole barn, have numerous ventilation options and features including everything from free stall barns to milking parlors to holding areas. Our buildings are functional, durable, and utilize our patented design in order to make your dairy barn work efficiently.

  • Custom dimensions – any length or width
  • Quality doors for added convenience and durability with a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • Quality lumber products
  • Custom insulation packages
  • Steel or or other finish packages available
  • Natural or power ventilation
  • Construction that leads to thermal efficiency with less leakage and corrosion
  • Built to withstand 90 mph winds in a C-exposure, which provides strong protection against harsh weather conditions
  • Snow loads designed to meet or exceed local building codes

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