Corporate Purpose Statement:

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Component Manufacturing Co.



To honor God in all we do To help people develop To pursue excellence To grow profitably


Respect for People

We value each person’s intrinsic worth and uniqueness.  We acknowledge everyone’s contribution and honor his/her opinions.  Our work environment is open, honest, supportive, and fulfilling. Our company is built on trust.


Responsibility for Actions and Results

We keep promises.  Each person is empowered to make the organization succeed and is 100% accountable for his/her actions.  We challenge the status quo, promote continuous improvement, and reward excellence. We lead by example and do not avoid difficult decisions.  We invest in our people and operations for future growth and profit. We work safely, comply with laws, and are a good neighbor. We meet our commitments to shareholders, customers, and employees today and tomorrow.


Relationships with Each Other

Our success is built on quality relationships.  We communicate openly and truthfully in a timely manner.  We encourage constructive feedback. We are committed to each other and have fun together.  We are helpful and compassionate. We treat others the way we want to be treated.



Our vision is to build a family of companies, each of which serves its customers in distinctive and important ways, and each of which reflects the practical application of biblical values throughout.  To deliver our product on time with zero errors.

Guiding Principles Focus: We are a Christ-centered company.

People: We build and maintain solid relationships of respect among ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers, encouraging the growth and well-being of each employee.

Conduct: We will conduct ourselves with dignity, adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards.

Work environment: We aspire to be a great place to work: a progressive, dynamic, and continuously improving company that embraces world-class practices in quality, timing, involvement, and simplicity.

Stewardship: Our business is a trust, and we will be good stewards of every resource in our care.

Citizenship: We want to serve others, helping meet human needs in the community and beyond.


As a returning Veteran, Lloyd Reaves saw a need for quality, affordable housing and had his ‘aha’ moment when he noticed a specific product being used to build mobile homes. Bowstring trusses. He knew then and there that this factory he had purchased would change the face of construction, and the use of wood trusses.

Lloyd also realized that wood truss technology could be the solution to all the reasons why buildings fail. After spending many years perfecting the process of applying wood truss technology to other building components, such as wall and roof brace panels and special columns, Lloyd was awarded a patent for his invention. From the beginning Lloyd knew the importance of innovation in construction, but knew innovation was nothing without dedication and quality craftsmanship. His motto has always been “growth through excellence” and this is what he has instilled into his company.


Our engineering department completes a thorough design review of each plan ensuring that all local structural building codes are met or exceeded. A 3rd party engineer reviews and approves every project prior to moving to fabrication. Our truss fabrication assemblers construct durable, high-quality wood roof trusses, floor systems and wall panels through the use of state of the art of technology.

But we don’t build them like every other truss company — we build them better. How?

    • Ensuring our wood comes from companies that harvest responsibly & replenish supply.
    • By making customer service a priority from start to finish.
    • Through analyzing your project individually to ensure structure and quality.
    • Taking into consideration your project site, delivery constraints and staging,
    • Having systems installed to triple check plans while remaining cognisant of your budget.
    • As well as possessing all the tools, technology, software, and highly trained professionals to ensure that our components save you TIME, MONEY, and LABOR on the job site.

    At Reaves Buildings Systems, we don’t just say these things to get your business, we believe communication is key to any successful job. Based on our years of experience, we’ve developed procedures that make projects flow smoothly from department to department. Our dedicated sales team stays on the cutting edge of technology to ensure availability to you, our customer, throughout your projects.

    Reaves Wood Framing

    When beginning a project, architects, engineers and contractors often debate whether to use a steel or wood building. Steel has the perception of strength and endurance. However, our research, along with other independent studies show that wood and the Reaves Building System has several advantages over steel.

    Wood is without a doubt the most environmentally friendly building material on earth. It has better insulation, better fire resistance and better strength.



    • Wood is constantly growing and is sustainable. Wood in forests, particularly in young vigorous forests, absorb carbon dioxide, making a growing forest an efficient carbon sink.  When older trees are harvested, the younger trees can grow, allowing for a healthy and everlasting wooded area. We know the importance of planting more trees and using properly sourced wood products coming from tree plantations and not from natural forests.
    • Wood is the greenest construction material on the market as our products do not need to be mined. Other building products do not use renewable material; they use fossil fuels such as cement and plastic, all of which severely impact the environment.



    • Based on the National Academy of Science CORRIM report, it takes 21 times more energy to produce a 4” thick concrete slab floor than a raised wood floor; 9 times more energy to produce a steel stud than a wood stud; 5 times more energy for aluminum siding than wood siding; and 3 times more energy to extract and produce a concrete block than to produce its equivalent in wood.
    • If you build a 100 sq. foot wall with a 2” x 4” frame, plywood, and wood siding, you would save 14.5 billion BTUs (oil equivalent) compared to building a concrete wall.
    • In terms of energy efficiency in a building, wood has 413 times the thermal aluminum, and 8 times that of concrete.



    • Forestry practices have changed to adhere to codes that have been put in place so that forests are not destroyed. People are conscious of removing part of an ecosystem by replanting the trees, utilizing the whole tree and by leaving virtually no solid waste behind. The forests that are available for timber harvest are large enough to grow enough wood products to build 1.6 million homes each year, endlessly into the future.



    • Wood buildings have a longer lifespan than steel buildings. Steel “sweats,” causing moisture to get into the insulation and into the steel connections. This provides conditions for mold to grow, which leads to corrosion and rust, shortening the longevity of the entire building.



    • Compared to rack load capacities on different roof and wall panels, the wood-braced shear walls in the Reaves Building System outperformed the tie-rod braced and cable-braced shear walls of typical metal buildings. In a Reaves building, there is no need for shear walls, which allows for flexibility in floor-plan designs.
    • It takes nine times more energy to produce a steel stud compared to a wood stud. Wood is more workable than steel, so it’s easier for a homeowner to fix it themselves. Wood, a naturally more efficient insulator than metal, can cut costs on heating and cooling by 30 to 50 percent.



    • While it sounds hard to believe, it’s absolutely true. Wood retains its structural strength at temperatures higher than 2000°F, while steel loses 80 percent of its strength at 1000°F. As it’s melting during a fire, steel bends and twists. According to many firefighters, it is extremely difficult and dangerous for them to stop a fire in a steel building and for people to escape. Firefighters often use the term running time, which is the amount of time they have to get everyone out of the building before the steel is too dangerous to work on.