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At Reaves we stand behind our products and our process. We understand the importance of planning and designing the building that will serve you now and well into the future. That’s why we take time up front to listen and plan with you. Whether it be our Sales Managers, Design/Engineer Tech or Estimators, a Reaves Representative will sit down with you and formulate a detailed plan. You will be able to study that plan, make changes and work with the design right up to the final review. At that time you will sign-off on the plan and it will be sent to Production. A delivery date will be established with our pledge to deliver on time at the established value.

Learn why Reaves chooses wood and why you should choose it for your next product.


The RB-MR combines the strength of the RB-S with a sturdy concrete foundation. This totally engineered building adds strength in each corner with its patented, prefabricated braced panels. For commercial use and some agricultural applications, there’s really no better choice than the RB-MR. Besides strength the RB-MR boasts speed. All walls are 8 feet wide prefabricated girt panels. It assembles quickly because all doors and rough openings are already built in and it’s delivered finish-ready. Typically, there’s an 18 foot height restriction with RB-MR, but we will work with every customer to make sure needs are met.

  • All structural lumber is MSR (Machine Stress Rated) where required
  • Building is anchored to concrete footings and frost walls
  • Purlins fit between top chords on 8’ oc truss spacing and over the top of trusses with 4’ oc truss spacing
  • Reaves patented brace panels
  • Wall panels are prefabricated with built-in columns
  • Panels result in time saving construction
  • Snow loads designed to meet or exceed local building codes
  • Clear spans up to 90 feet wide
  • Standard 8-foot spacing of columns and 4-foot spacing on trusses
  • Building has a 2-foot energy heel
  • Available in two styles: RB-MR4 (built 4 feet on center) or RB-MR8 (built on 8 feet corner)


As far as post-frame buildings go, there isn’t a tougher option than the RB-S. This totally engineered building features patented, prefabricated brace panels in every corner for added strength. The RB-S is a strong building designed with laminated columns in the ground but versatile enough to be attached to a standard concrete foundation. A good choice for agricultural or commercial use, the RB-S is engineered to withstand winds up to 105 mph in the harshest conditions, and is built to C-exposure. Engineered with quality products, innovation, and the highest safety standards, the RB-S is hands-down the best post-frame building on the market. The RB-S is perfect for all post frame applications.

  • Building uses in-ground columns or sits on concrete
  • Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber is used where needed
  • Purlins fit between top chords on 8’ oc truss spacing and over the top of trusses with 4’ oc truss spacing
  • Grade and size of girts and purlins determined by engineering
  • Built to withstand 105 mph winds, C-exposure and snow loads designed to meet or exceed local building codes.
  • Clear spans up to 120 feet wide
  • No height restrictions
  • A 2 foot energy heel eliminates cold spots in the building eliminating the need for knee bracing.
  • Two options are available for the RB-S. RB-SW is a wrap and RB-SB is a bookshelf.
  • Standard 4” on center trusses with 8” on center laminated columns with the use of the Reaves’ carrier truss.
  • Customization of column spacing available based on project need.


If you’re going to put up a building, make it Reaves and make it last. The Reaves building is our toughest contender for commercial and industrial applications, designed to meet or exceed all state and local structural building codes.

Plus, the Reaves is engineered to withstand 105 mph winds in a C-Exposure. On top of this are industry safety factors. Reaves also builds to the strictest deflection criteria in the industry.

  • Incorporates patented “V” braces as an integral part of truss to transmit loads from roof to foundations
  • Built on a concrete foundation
  • Includes custom designing of purlin spacing for each building
  • Transmitting of loads to exterior walls via top chord and lateral bracings running perpendicular to trusses in conjunction with triangular bracing
  • Incorporates patented sidewalls and roof bracings into girts and purlins for rigidity without metal skin
  • Overcoming of upward and downward loads with specially designed column anchors


Used primarily for commercial and some agricultural applications, the Douglas is a totally engineered building of exceptional strength and versatility. A combination of conventional wall framing and post frame gives the Douglas extra rigidity for added strength. In addition, it can be sheathed with any material, inside out.

Plus, the Douglas is engineered to withstand 105 mph winds in a C Exposure and meet or exceed all applicable state and local structural building codes.Reaves also builds to the strictest deflection criteria in the industry.

  • Totally custom engineered to customer needs and preferences
  • Trusses placed on center as determined
  • Built to C-exposure and 105 mph winds.



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“I really could put my trust in Reaves. The whole building process was done in a very organized and timely manner. What really impressed me the most was their outstanding customer service from the sales man I worked with. Reaves has a building that really is built like no other, the structural strength of their buildings is by far the best I’ve seen.”

Shane DahlReaves Buildings Customer